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For Your Marriage

The US Catholic Conference of Bishops has provided a very rich and helpful site for married and engaged couples called For Your Marriage. It has helpful summaries on Church teachings about marriage, help resources, relationship quizzes, and much more. Check it out!

Digital Assist: Liturgy of the Hours

I've loved Universalis for a while now (we've linked it from the left sidebar on the front page) becaause it takes the flipping and figuring out of praying the Liturgy of the Hours. The right antiphons and readings come up in linear fashion based on the date and time on your computer. I've always thought that the first app I'd get if I got an iPhone would be Universalis' mobile version.

USCCB on Health Care Reform

The USCCB has an informative site on Health Care Reform including its position statement on the issue. Political partisans will find something to like and dislike in the USCCB's position on health care reform. But it is every Catholic's responsibility to know the Church's teaching about civic and social issues. Check it out.

Revised Missal and Order of Mass to come

You may not be aware, but a new English translation of the Roman Missal is in the works. It aims to be an English translation more closely aligned with the original Latin in compliance with Liturgicam authenticam. It will be finished in November of this year and is targeted for papal approval sometime in 2010. Why do we care?

Empathy Skills II: Free Compassion Power Webinar, June 27th

Dr. Stephen Stosny is the country's leading expert in innovative treatment for chronic resentment, anger, or emotional abuse.

Empathy Skills

Jesus told us to love our enemies and do good to those who persecute us. That is an important and very specific instruction.
So you wouldn't take advice from any old Yahoo about how to make that happen, would you?

Burn Meat for Jesus!

His Disciples Cooking Ministry (link) is a group of people who get together to feed the hungry all over Houston. But instead of the standard soup, they bring their smokers and charcoal and put on rousing barbecue events for those in need. Their goal is to feed people and provide fellowship events for those who cannot afford traditional catering. All activities are run by donation.

Good Intro To Lectio Divina

Lectio Divina as a practice of prayer started with in the monastic tradition?in the third century AD. It is one of my favorite prayer forms as incorporates all of the forms of prayer found in the catechism --- verbal, meditative, contemplative -- and so it is well-rounded and rooted in scripture. Pope Benedict is big on it too:

The Best, Most Comprehensive (and Free!) Online Scripture Resource

I am usually happy reading my own paper and ink bible. To augment reading, I cannot do better than to go online to a site like the Center For Liturgy to access their collected wisdom. But if I want to go straight to the text, see all translations in parallel, with the original Greek and Hebrew, and really dive deep into the Word, neXt Bible ( is the best resource I have found so far.

Christian Music for People who Dislike Christian Music

I have a confession to make -- I mostly dislike Christian music. Yes, I like some of the tunes from Christian radio in the context of prayer and worship settings. But when I reach for something to listen to away from Church, Contemporary Christian music is the last thing on my mind.
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